Honey, I Ran Over My Laptop!

Well, it is Friday and I thought I would finish the week off with a story that might amuse you or possibly horrify you. All events in this story are in fact TRUE!

Have you ever had one of those days where you find yourself a step below "ROCK BOTTOM"? I had one of those days about year ago. I was one week away from launching a brand new web business and had ton of things flowing through my mind in preparation for the big launch (At least, that is my excuse now:))

One fateful Friday night, we were visiting with my in-laws at their house and I had brought my laptop along to give them a tour of our new website. Just as we were about to head home, I remembered we needed to pack a couple boxes into the back of our van. Now, I had my laptop bag over my shoulder as I was carrying a rather heavy box. It was dark and I placed my laptop bag on the ground so I could open the rear door of our Van and load the box. I then went into the house to grab one more box, loaded it and shut the Van door. Now can pick up what I am missing at this point?

I jumped in the van, started in up, kicked it in reverse (to head home) and started to back up.

Then I heard THE NOISE!! It was a gut-wrenching sound - CLUNK! My wife immediately yelled "STOP, I think you hit a cat or something". As I was opening the door to go to back to see what I hit, a VERY dark and horrifying thought filled my mind.


Now, remember, I am one week away from launching a new business and ALL my plans and important docs/ files are on this laptop. The first question you probably have: "Did you back it up?" YES, I had about a week prior, but had loaded some important docs on it in the last couple days.

My wife came around the back of the van to have a look. She kept saying . "I can t believe you ran over your laptop".

After a minor meltdown, I collected myself, put things into perspective and headed home!

Now, here s the principle .Don t run over your laptop - it is not fun!

No, but seriously . here is the principle .. In your Business, you WILL face adversity and set-backs that temporarily discourage or even crush you! It is OKAY to have a minor meltdown at that moment - totally natural. But after your meltdown, the next response is the one that matters! Are you going to give up? Not a chance! It is not the point of adversity that defines you or determines your future outcome, it is how to choose to respond to the adversity that matters!

Interestingly enough . I took my "pancake" laptop to my computer guy and surprisingly he was able to recover my hard drive:) Buy Toshiba - they apparently can handle being run over by a 1 ton van!

I remember saying to my wife after I had run over the laptop - "Let s keep this between the two of us"! Well, only a VERY small group have ever heard this story, but I was having a vulnerable moment today and thought I broadcast it over the NET:)

Enjoy your weekend and be sure back up your computers!