7 Traffic-Building Avenues for Repurposing Your Web Content

Recently, I decided to simplify my life! For the last couple years, I have been blogging, doing podcasts, shooting videos, writing ebooks and ecourses, but did not give a lot of thought to the time-saving concept of "RE-PURPOSING". I would typically write all original content and never considered how I might transfer my blog posts into an ebook, podcast, video or Squidoo Lens. I am glad to say I have been officially liberated of my former less than productive ways and have started to repurpose my web content through 7 different avenues!

Now, you may have caught onto this a lot earlier than myself and may already be a "Re-purposing Guru", but here are 7 ways or avenues to consider.

1. 7 Twitter Tips: You might select a particular topic that you know would peak the interest of your fellow "peeps" and create 7 value-added tips. The beauty of Twitter is that hopefully your twitter pals will reply to your tips or even pass them to others creating a nice viral effect. It is important to build your tips with keyword-rich content for SEO purposes.

2. 7 Part Blog Series - A blog post series is a great way to provide a fresh influx of content built around the specific keywords you are targeting. Let s say you decide to write a blog post series on Virtual Assistant Training and Certifications - this essentially could equate to 7 opportunities to get listed by Google for such keywords as Virtual Assistant Training.

3. 7 Articles for EzineArticles.com - While I know there are many other article directories, EzineArticles is the "grand-daddy" of them all. It is important to reformat and mix up your blog post content in order to not be flagged as having "duplicate content" by Google. The other cool thing about EzineArticles is that you can now sign up to have your articles automatically posted through their Twitter account - another ideal way to mass distribute your content.

4. Free 7-Part Ecourse - You might create a freebie 7-Part ecourse that you can giveaway on your blog or website as an incentive for your audience to join your list. This is a common practice, but super effective! I would recommend getting a nice book image or graphic to promote the free ecourse on your blog.

5. 7 Part Podcast (audio) Series - It is always effective to re-purpose written content into an audio or video format. In a podcast, you can expand on the 7 points, provide more practical illustrations and really personalize it more which gives it a life of it s own. You could certainly offer this as an incentive to build your list. I would recommend syndicating this podcast through such channels as Itunes.

6. 7 Short You-Tube Video - I would highly recommend taking your web content and converting it into a video series. You might choose to set-up "screencast" information surrounding the 7 tips or you could present it in person. YouTube videos are great for traffic building! Personally, I find that YouTube videos are listed much faster over other forms of content. For example; during our pre-launch campaign for VAClassroom, we created 4-5 videos based around particular keywords. Within a month, two of our videos were listed in the top 20 listings for two top keywords in Google.

7. 7 Tips via Squidoo or Hubpages - Social content sharing sites like Squidoo and Hubpages are just perfect for your repurposed content as they are known to be quickly listed in the Search Engines and can generate some nice traffic for you!

So there you have it, 7 fabulous ways for repurposing your web content and saving you a TON of time!